July 19, 2011

Introduction: Desperate Times

This year I realised I had what could easily be termed a "shampoo addiction". I regularly looked forward to and felt almost obliged to wash my hair every single day. I woke up one morning after washing my hair less than 10 hours before, only to find a greasy build up already appearing on the crown of my head, creating a less than desirable kink.

Realising that shampooing every day was causing more harm than good, and that changing brands every so often was in fact not working as people had suggested, I decided that it was time to really get this hair thing sorted out.
So from one extreme to the other, I've switched from daily washing and conditioning (every other day on the odd occasion) to what is widely referred to these days as the "No-Poo" method. I'm not the first to jump on this bandwagon, and I'm also not the first to absolute despise the method's commonly used name! So instead of "No-Poo", I'm basically just blogging about my experience in going all natural with my haircare routine. No special name for it.

My 'quest' is basically to achieve the following result: being able to rinse my hair in water only as a regular cleaning routine. 

A year ago I would have thought this was just dirty, and that water couldn't possibly get the dirt and oil out like beautifully smelling shampoos and conditioners could. I read a lot about it, asked a family member who's successfully reached "water only" stage and decided that I'd try it out. 

So here's my (almost) daily account of making the tradition from modern-day oversaturation of my hair with chemicals that are masked by a heavenly scent, to the most simple form of hair-washing the way nature intended it: good old-fashioned H2O.

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