July 22, 2011

Day Four: Feedback

I got to work this morning and the first thing my friend asked was "Oh, did you wash your hair? With shampoo?" Me: "No, still on the experiment!" Her: "Really? Wow!"

Maybe I don't even need to post anything else, considering that was a pretty good indication that using kitchen products for four days straight now has actually made my hair look better than before. I should also mention that someone told me last that it looks the best in a while, with a nice clean matte to it instead of shine. I personally prefer shine, but maybe sometimes it looks more like oil when it's like that.

I simplified my routine last night to just the basics plus one:

- Baking soda rinse onto dry hair and a scrub, rinse
- Vinegar rinse
- Lavender oil rinse, avoiding the scalp

Even though today is another rainy one, I managed to avoid getting my hair wet on the way to work, and it's looking extremely good! The itch has improved but not completely gone yet. Now that it's Friday I'm going to leave my hair unwashed until Sunday afternoon, as I'm slightly worried about putting vinegar in it four days in a row. I've heard it's good to give it a break anyway, to let all the natural oils work through.

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