July 21, 2011

Day Three: Overkill

Well, last night I learnt the error of trying too hard. I tend to do this whenever I start some kind of health kick/diet fad etc... I guess sometimes I feel like the more intensity I start the program with, the faster the results will show. I'm almost always completely wrong about this!

Last night was the third wash, and I got the order mixed up whilst deep in thought. So what should have been a similar routine to the previous night, I ended up doing something along these lines:

- Baking soda scrub and rinse
- Vinegar rinse
- Realising I'd forgotten the tea tree oil I then added it here
- A few drops of lavender oil in a bottle of water and rinsed
- Thinking my hair would be too oily after these two previous steps, I think I overkilled by doing a second vinegar rinse, which I thought would clear out any oily residue and give me that detangled effect too

My hair didn't feel so good after drying... a little knotty, not so soft as the first night and the crown area seemed less clean. I'm also now at work this morning with a slight itching sensation and I've had to wear it in a ponytail to hide the slightly oily top area. It's also an extremely rainy day here so I wasn't going to wear it out anyway, but it would nice to know that some days after this new routine I'll be able to still wear it down for work. Ponytails get a bit old after a while!

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