July 25, 2011

Day Seven: Weekend off

I've missed Days 5&6 as I decided that I won't blog on weekends, and especially since this past one involved a Saturday where I left my hair completely unwashed. I found myself running my fingers through it constantly, thinking I was really speeding up the process by spreading the natural oils all through my hair. By Sunday morning it was in desperate need for a wash, so I did the usualy Baking Soda & ACV rinse with a bit of Tea Tree as well.

I'm pretty sure the adjustment period I was warned about has started, it's not feeling particularly nice, but at the same time it still smells nice, looks ok. It definitely looks less greasy that when I used to leave it a day without washing. I'm not sure when I'll try to go from Baking Soda & ACV to just water, maybe alternating would work best for a week or so. But only on a week when I don't have anywhere to go except work! :)


  1. Hi Jen,
    I'm on day 5 of "no'poo". I've just been using water so far, to see how it goes. I think my hair definitely needs something! It's started getting greasy and heavy at the roots. So I plan on washing it in the morning with baking soda and lemon juice/water rinse, then conditioning the ends with honey. I'm excited to see how it turns out! :)
    I also look forward to seeing how you get on too :)
    Ashley x

  2. Hi Ashley,
    You're brave going straight to water-only! I think the baking soda will help you feel like your hair is cleaner, and the lemon water will make it soft :)
    I haven't tried honey yet, maybe that's something to experiment with this week. Do you just apply to the ends and rinse?
    Good to know there's another newbie out there :)