July 26, 2011

Day Eight: Ickiness

Today is the first that I'm almost starting to regret doing this! I washed last night with only Baking Soda & ACV, with a quick rinse of lavender water too, as I just can't stay away from adding at least some kind of scent to my hair...

But I've well and truly hit the adjustment period for this experiment. It doesn't quite feel clean after a wash and I've been tempted to use conditioner at least once just to feel slightly more normal, but I'm determined to persevere and do this properly, not waste the past week's efforts.

It doesn't exactly look bad, but when you've been used to washing and conditioning basically every day, this definitely IS an adjustment. I'm finding that tying it up in a pony tail or half up/down is helping, but I'm hoping that eventually it will be naturally clean enough to wash and wear out.

1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean, it's not dirty exactly, but after washing with shampoo/conditioner everyday for years it's a big adjustment!
    After the wash last night mine feels much better, but still different. My hair has always been in between curly and straight which I've always found annoying, but in just six days of no 'poo, it's leaning towards curly more which I'm happy with :) It's already a little less frizzy too.
    Also, the honey. I mixed about a tablspoon or so into my lemon juice rinse. It worked well! You can put it straight on the hair (the ends only), but make sure to rinse super well with hot water or it can apparently go sticky!
    I've also been wearing it up more. I play with my hair a lot when its down so notice if its not clean feeling. But if its up, I don't notice so much :)
    Ashley x