July 28, 2011

Day Ten: Discomfort

Well. Last night was pretty much a disaster. Everything seemed to be going fairly well despite a little oilyness as expected. But after reading several online articles yesterday about treating hair to a moisturising food mask, I decided to give it a go, and mashed up some ingredients to work through my hair in hopes of beneficial results.

- 1 mashed avocado
- 1 beaten egg
- Tbsp lemon juice
- Tbsp mayonnaise

This did give my hair a really nice clean and took care of frizz, flyaways and definitely did moisturise. I'm not quite sure what went wrong though. Whether it was the combination of then rinsing with diluted baking soda and ACV that caused this meltdown, I'm not sure. I did rinse very thoroughly after the mask, and was certain that at least the ACV would clear out any residue. But I was basically left with horribly greasy hair even after blow drying. Not even a second cold water rinse of the problem areas helped, which resulted in me having to comb through some dry baking soda and a bit of talcum powder through it all.

Feeling a bit like Danny Zuko this morning, although he put grease in his hair on purpose... crazy!

This morning was probably the first that I've woken up and been extremely uncomfortable with the condition of my hair. I've put it up in a ponytail for work which has hidden a lot of the trouble areas, but it's itchy and just feels pretty gross overall. I really can't wait to get home and fix it up. Tonight I'm thinking I will need to work the baking soda into my hair dry at first, rinse it out. I'm not sure whether ACV is going to work this time, I may try the lemon water from Day 1 which seems to get rid of residue more effectively.

But I guess the moral of this story is that experimenting with all natural foods for hair and face masks sounds great on paper, but it's a completely different situation when you actually try it!

As I said before, I don't know whether it was the mask that created this result, it could just be the fact that I'm 10 days into the experiment and the adjustment period has really set in, as I was warned about. I'm really craving a good wash at the moment, with shampoo and conditioner that is. But I'm going to push through and still try to achieve the end result. All I can say is, it better be worth this discomfort!

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