January 31, 2013

Winning combination

Even though I'm not on a strict no-shampoo routine at the moment, I've been getting compliments about my hair since using apple cider vinegar again.

Last night may have been the best one so far, which was a quick baking soda rinse on the crown of my hair (prone to shampoo build up), then a wash with Tresemme Brunette shampoo and Herbal Essences conditioner, following by two diluted ACV rinses.

Today I have extremely soft hair with some good body happening, especially at the front.

I also put a permanent hair colour in a couple of weeks ago, which was less about making my hair a darker brown, but moreso to repair the damage from the banana disaster! Doing a colour always seems to make my hair look, feel and smell amazing. That conditioner you get in the packet should be sold by the litre!

I don't like the darker brown and luckily the vinegar helped because it strips the colour and lightens my hair up again.

I've probably written this many times before but seriously, if you ever want a product that is good for your hair, start using apple cider vinegar!

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