January 16, 2013

Banana: Hair's worst enemy!

Wow. So I thought I would have a nice relaxing night in and do a hair mask, as well as a facial using all natural products.

The face mask was fine: this was based on something I heard in a post-Golden Globes show with tips for star's secrets. They said to mix a mashed banana with some honey and leave it on your face for 15 minutes. This worked well and was easily washed off, I can't really comment on the result because I was unbelievably stressed due to the hair disaster that followed!

Being careless, I googled hair masks that involved egg and olive oil. I should have just left  it at that, and gone with my original plan. Instead, I got carried away and used a more complicated recipe I'd found online, thinking that the more ingredients, the better the result.

Hair mask: 2 eggs, olive oil, yoghurt, milk, honey, mashed banana.

Every ingredient listed would probably have been great for my hair EXCEPT for the banana!!!

It wasn't until afterwards when I found myself frantically searching "How to get banana out of your hair" on Google, that I'd discovered that you should never EVER put banana in your hair!

Banana does not come out of your hair. At least, it doesn't come out without an intense washing, combing and showering process... I would have gone through almost an entire bottle of conditioner, several shampoo washes, and still the banana did not comb out. It was literally stuck in my hair and I got out of the shower, looked in the mirror and there were chunks in my hair that wouldn't come out! Luckily for me, I wasn't working the following day, and thank goodness I didn't attempt to get nice hair the night before a recent wedding! 

What eventually happened, was that I used anything and everything that might have helped the chunks slide out with a comb. This included olive oil, bio oil, baby oil, Sunlight soap.

I did finally get the banana out, although this morning I'm not sure whether there are still a few sneaky pieces that I can't see. I had to spend a good half hour combing a LOT of conditioner through to get all the knots out. My hair had gone really dry and tangled, I'm sure I've caused a thousand split ends during this process.

I've slept with lots of conditioner in my hair to try getting some moisture back into it. 

So this is a warning, like all the others online: Never ever EVER put banana in a hair mask!

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