December 19, 2011

Post-holiday hair

I haven't forgotten or abandoned my blog! I went away to the UK and Europe for 6 weeks which was fantastic as expected, but did test my routine a little...

Since I was traveling around quite a lot between family visits, I tended to use those little travel shampoo bottles. Taking a packet of baking soda on local flights was something I didn't think very safe! Carrying white powder through customs, no matter how harmless, seemed like a dumb thing to do. Plus I was anticipating a difference in hair quality, feel etc since I was now in England where they have "hard water".

I didn't notice too much of a difference, but I indulged myself and went back to Herbal Essences for the first week. Well... interestingly and I guess not surprisingly, my hair clogged up immediately. It was dried out from the shampoo, my scalp became itchy again and I just felt a general build up around the back section.

I went to a health store somewhere in East England one day, and found a bottle of organic tea tree shampoo. This was a great find, and cleared up my hair straight away. I also eventually did buy some ACV from Waitrose and was rinsing my hair with that when not on short trips to other countries. Stuck with Herbal Essences conditioner for the ends to keep some moisture in there, as I was outdoors a lot.

It was a fairly happy balance, a little less messy that carrying baking soda and a bottle around everywhere I traveled. The shampoo was cleansing and close enough to my recent Tea Tree Oil rinse I'd be doing just before I left. The vinegar is definitely the key to shiny hair. People comment on how soft and shiny my hair is all the time, and they are a bit skeptical when I tell them I put vinegar in it!

I did notice my hair lightening, but I've thrown a semi permanent colour in there every few months to keep it back to brunette. People have pointed out that the highlights look good in the sun and especially suit the upcoming Summer here in Sydney.

Since I've been back I'm now on: Redwin Tea Tree Shampoo, ACV rinse over my whole head and then Herbal Essences classic conditioner on the ends.

Next step is to try Coconut Oil which a reader suggested to me :) Apparently this will help take away any itch and since reading about it, I've heard there are many benefits from using it!

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